Welcome to The Coaching Source

Welcome to The Coaching Source – hosted by the staff of Blanchard Coaching services (at The Ken Blanchard Companies) for folks who are interested in Coaching.  When I first started coaching in 1989 the only context people had for ‘coaching’ was sports and other types of performance.  We’ve come a long way!  Now there are a million kinds of coaching and everyone’s a coach.

We are interested in coaching in organizations: The application of coaching for effective management, inspirational leadership, better business results and just all round raising the quality of life at work.  We love applying coaching technology to large complex systems and seeing things improve.

Our definition of coaching:  a deliberate process using focused conversations to create an environment that results in …

  • Individual growth
  • Purposeful action
  • Sustained improvement

How do you define it?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Coaching Source

  1. I was truly excited to hear that Blanchard was starting an information blog dedicated to the coaching profession. Being a beneficiary of Blanchard Coaching for the last 5+ years, I’ve seen your definition in action and know it to be true. I was initially apprehensive about coaching until Blanchard emphasized to me that it was a “self-discovery” process…instead of being told what I needed to do, a coach would lead me down the path and I’d ultimately draw my own actionable conclusions. It has been a very empowering and rewarding experience that has greatly accelerated my professional growth and development. Thanks!

  2. Really like this clear distinction between Coaching and Consulting. I am just starting to explore my interests in Coach Training and came across this helping piece of information. Thx.

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