Coaches Go for the Low Hanging Fruit

I was speaking to the manager of a new client today.  He was asking how I was going to go about helping the client achieve some of the changes he is looking for.  I offered two thoughts, and though they are just the beginning, it was enough to achieve some comfort.

1. One of the main reasons that smart capable executives don’t do all the things they know they should, could do, might do is because they get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and end up doing what they’ve always done.  When an executive works with a coach, they set goals, create and action plan and break activities down into daily actions that are manageable in the context of the hustle and bustle of the work day.   They choose actions that they think will produce results and they feel they can actually do. The executive actually starts doing one or two things a little differently.  This is success!

2. We start with the low hanging fruit.  Nobody needs a personality transplant – ok maybe some people do but most corporations aren’t paying for those people to get coached.  Nobody wants to be ‘changed’.  but  most people are willing, ready and able to try on new things if they see the upside.  The coach works with the client to ID the small shifts that don’t require herculean effort that might make a big difference.  We start with those and get early wins.

2 thoughts on “Coaches Go for the Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Starting with the low hanging fruit and taking baby steps toward change will begin the momentum. When I understand and can see the big picture and then break it down into small actionable pieces, it is much more manageable!

    • Coaching keeps me accountable too. I have the best of intentions and can get off track because there is so much to do each day. My coach helps me create great habits – and eventually I just ‘operate’ in the new way.

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