The Real Value of Coaching

I have had the most extraordinary opportunity recently to support an ongoing program we offer the coaches who work with The Ken Blanchard Companies.  It is called Live Coaching Feedback – we have our coaches coach us and we give them feedback.  Like most coaching activities I am learning as much from the experience as the coaches who are brave enough to sign up for the program.

We use a list of competencies to sharpen our feedback but I realize I use a very simple model to assess basic skill level:

  1. Did I feel ‘gotten and heard’?
  2. Did I feel safe to say whatever I needed to say?
  3. Did the coach have the guts to corral me and challenge me appropriately?
  4. Did I walk away with a clear action I was confident would move me forward?

I would submit that any client who can say yes to all 4 of these questions will come back for their next coaching session, because the value is incalculable.  It is really all so much simpler than we make it sometimes!

One thought on “The Real Value of Coaching

  1. It’s simple to say but not so simple to do. I know from my experience, what the client identifies with as the issue or coaching focus can change. It takes a seasoned coach to get the client to really understand what the issue is and what actions needs to be taken. I think #3 of having the guts to corral me and challenge me is much harder for a newbie coach.

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