Boss’s Feedback During Executive Coaching: Pro or Con?

Asking a manager to provide feedback to shape the coaching focus – is it always necessary?  Some clients would dispute and others would agree.  What do you think?

We recommend managers come to a coaching session early in the coaching relationship and share their thoughts and perceptions about the person being coached.  It can be something as simple as sharing what this person should start, stop and continue in their role as a leader in order to be successful in the organization.  We state this as a best practice and we leave it to the person being coached to drive this to take place.

Regardless of whether this takes places, ultimately the manager has the ability to impact salary, promotion, and more and why not give the manager the opportunity for input into the coaching? After all, the organization is paying for it.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Boss’s Feedback During Executive Coaching: Pro or Con?

  1. I don’t believe the manager’s perspective is always necessary, however, it is always welcome and can help shape the focus of the coaching. The coaching agenda should be driven by the client and that would include whether or not they wanted to incorporate the feedback provided by their manager.

  2. I believe that it is necessary to ask a manager for feedback! The manager does value the success of the company and if they see the person being coached making progress, that could benefit their work relationship. I believe you have to be creative and stimulating in order to put yourself on the market and show others what you can do. I have been using a website called that provides tools to make future candidates for employment stand out of the crowd. The site offers career consultants, job hunting tips, and career advancement. Good luck!

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