Recently I had a ‘completion’ conversation with a client.  Completions are bittersweet because the objective for any coach is to coach themselves out of a job, but in the process of coaching we often come to truly love our clients.  So we celebrate successes  and reluctantly let go.

This particular client said some fascinating things about his key takeaways from coaching.  He said:

“I realized for the first time that I didn’t have to go it alone.”


“Once I worked with one expert, it occurred to me that I could access all kinds of help from other types of experts.”

And my favorite:

“I never realized to what extent I really think well ‘out loud’ and how valuable it is just to talk things through.”

This from a 63 year old CEO.  With all of his knowledge and experience he still had something to learn from others and was grateful for the help especially in these crazy times which he described as leading in a white out.  He also had something to learn about himself, from listening to himself.

Don’t we all.

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