The Power of Questions!

I presented a situation to my coach about my new job. I really wanted to vent and get some help on how I can better align with the company goals while really staying true to myself. I have a new job in sales and I am quite nervous and hesitant to do the job. It requires an intense sales process that I cannot veer from or adapt to my own approach, so I am feeling pressure from my boss to “sell sell sell” even if it feels unethical at times.

What was amazing about my coaching session was that my coach never once told me what to do and never made inferences that this perhaps wasn’t the best career for me. In asking the question “How can you ensure that your clients don’t feel taken advantage of” they guided me along a path where I could explore the difference between how to sell a product (which I do in fact believe in), while staying true to my values. What I discovered was that, “yes”  I can stick to the script and “sell sell sell”, but use the question and answer portion of my conversation with clients to really make sure that they feel respected and understand what they are getting into, in essence holding true to my values of never wanting to take advantage of clients.

As a student of coaching, it was fascinating to notice that my coach really did nothing but ask questions but left me with assured clarity.

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