Get Your Needs Met (1)

I was recently asked if we had a recommendation about an good article about Needs.  I really don’t know of one, though there are some good books.  Because Needs are a critical building block for a productive coaching experience, I thought it would be helpful to start a small series on the topic.  So here is the first installment:

A personal need is that which you must have met to get to and maintain a peak state. Needs and your ability to get them met are a fundamental part of your coaching journey.  We aren’t talking about basic survival needs like food and shelter – we‘re referring to deeply personal, often emotional needs.  Because needs are so personal, it can be hard to admit we have them. God forbid that we appear “needy.” Having needs can make us feel so terrifyingly vulnerable that we develop a habit of denying them to ourselves, or if we are aware of them, of trying to hide them from others.  But that we all have needs is a simple fact, an undeniable reality. It is also true that they cause much less trouble if they are identified and taken care of.  Trouble?  How do needs cause trouble? By getting met, consciously, or unconsciously – and productively or unproductively. Because needs simply will get met you can make a choice to understand them well or you can choose to let them rule your behavior in ways that take you (and others) by surprise.  Let’s be clear that the choice is not “do I get my needs met?” It is “How do I get my needs met?”

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