A Leaders Takeaway – 3 Levels of Value

I recently completed coaching with a CEO and he made an observation about his coaching I found fascinating.  He said that coaching was useful to him at 3 levels:

  1. Coaching was helpful for the work he needed to do on himself – just 1 on 1.  For many that is where the perceived benefit of coaching stops.
  2. Coaching caused him to learn more about himself, others and the environment which he could then share with others and provide even more value as a leader.
  3. He began to replicate some of the coach’s technique to be in service and create an open learning environment for his people.  His people were coming to him more with interesting situations and developing themselves more effectively because of their conversations with him.

The client wrapped by saying that he felt smarter and more mature as a result of the coaching.  Really, can a coach ask for more?  I think not.  He gave me all the credit but all coaches know, the coach is only as good as the client.

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