Executive shifts focus from business to leadership

I recently interviewed an executive who had just completed a year of coaching.  This executive is a President and in addition to receiving coaching, he also utilized our coach to help him with his leadership team doing team chartering among other things.  One of the learning’s that came from the coaching was his shift in development focus.  He said, “I have always been a student of ‘business’ and it’s probably one of the contributors to my success.  I am now a student of ‘leadership’.  I realized, through coaching and working with my team, that as the President of my company, I need to focus my time on how I am leading others and it’s through leadership that I will be successful.”  We are in the people development business and to see an executive have this kind of shift is really gratifying.  For years Ken Blanchard has been talking about the research that proves that it is inspiring ‘people’ and engaging others to perform that make leaders successful.  Do you think all successful leaders truly believe it?  I meet many who don’t, but I do hope that they in time begin their journey of being a student of ‘leadership.’

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