A Last Word on Feedback?

Probably not – it is such a rich topic after all.

In the wonderful book about Feedback What Did You Say? The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback, (1992, Bingham House Books) authors Charles and Edie Seashore, and Gerald Weinberg  talk about the fact that we all hear and interpret feedback in a way that confirms our own “laws” or “rules”. 

They begin by showing that we all have our laws and rules for the way the world works.  Then they go on to demonstrate that when data that comes in that does not match our laws, the data is discarded.  Then they go on to describe a phenomena that we have all experienced:  “We structure our world so we will not receive feedback that threatens our world view.” (pg. 64)

This is called the Feedback Prevention Law.  “It says that we will not even wait to ignore feedback, but actively take steps to prevent feedback from ever happening in the first place.”

Terrifying?  I think so.

But true.

Ask yourself, how have I constructed my work life to prevent feedback?

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