Feedback – Redux

Feedback is powerful evidence – not about who you ARE, but about how other people PERCEIVE you. Others perceive you through their own unique lens. Their values, beliefs and experiences play a powerful role in the feedback that they provide.  So it’s actually evidence about what is important to others, when they observe or interact with you.
     We are often afraid, upset or disgruntled by feedback that we believe is negative, and we actively try to ignore it.  But what if feedback was actually a tool we could use? One that gave us an inside tip on how to be really, super effective with others?
     Perhaps your direct reports give you feedback indicating that you avoid conflict. Maybe your boss says you need to work on building a more high-performing team.
     In their eyes, this is what is important and they are giving you a gift. You then get to choose. Choose to ignore the feedback, or choose to leverage the evidence in front of you.
     You can choose to intentionally change the perceptions of others by shifting your thinking or your behavior. Ultimately feedback is simply how someone else sees you and you can influence their perspective.

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