What is YOUR legacy?

In a recent conversation, my client was strained to come up with a coaching focus. She has had a successful career thus far (managing a high volume of employees, exceeding company goals, etc.) and in times of need used her boss as her coach. When I mentioned “what do you want as your leadership legacy?” A long silence followed by “interesting you ask because I recently heard a speech from a board member who challenged our leaders to consider the process of achieving results and not just the end result.” How many executives focus on getting the job done and at the same time reflect on the process they use to get there? If you quit your career today, what is the legacy you would leave behind? What will you be remembered for? What will the people you worked with and for say about you when you are gone? What do you want as your legacy? My wish is for executives to take time to think about the impression and impact they have on others. Those who do will likely have a legacy they will be proud of.

3 thoughts on “What is YOUR legacy?

  1. This is not just for business executives, but church leaders also. I have long seen church leaders, both vocational clergy and laymen, who seek to achieve the “end-game at the expense of long term reputation. This is why I use Ken’s “Lead Like Jesus” as a primer to train leaders. I also incorporated Ken’s transformational leadership model into my own book “Simple Discipleship.” Thanks Ken for your work!

  2. We’ve been discussing this at Shiloh the past couple of days in regards to a personal legacy. It’s more than how you are remembered, it’s something that you put in motion that stays in motion through the lives you touch. Very impactful!

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