Think Outside of the Box

Toward the end of a recent coaching session, my client said that she was shocked at where she is today compared to where she was just a few months ago. She said that she never dreamed of the changes that would be coming, and she linked the changes with coaching.

This made me think about how valuable it is to have someone ask us to think outside of the box. Do you have someone who pushes you to think differently? My husband is really great at that with me, as are some of my colleagues. What a gift!

Whether you are a coach, or a manager, or a friend, or a significant other, take a moment to encourage others to think outside of the box and then watch what happens!

2 thoughts on “Think Outside of the Box

  1. Thinking outside the box alone is not enough.

    For someone to make the needed change him/ her self, it can be a life long journey to a destination that might not be reached. One needs to make sure that others around are as well traveling at a similar speed, & in the same direction for them all to reach the desired destination.

    In other words, one needs to think differently “out side the box”, yet, as well helping others think in the same direction for a sustainable change to take place. Otherwise, one may get lost, or loose others & may not be ablle to to go back & get may stuck in his own orbit ” the new box”.

    Think differently, and drive others to do the same.

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