Passion – Do you have it?

In order to succeed in your role as a leader, or in any position, you must have passion. Passion is the compelling emotion that contributes to providing excellence, overcoming obstacles, going beyond the “call of duty”, and genuinely caring about your role. There is an enthusiastic and concentrated drive toward achievement. Passion is tied to values and performance.

During a coaching call, my client uncovered an aspect of her role that did not align with her personal values. As a result, the client was not passionate in her assignment. She had become disinterested and de-motivated and recognized this led to unproductive behaviors.  This awareness led the client to discover the link between passion and values. The client took control of identifying alternative approaches and behaviors that supported her values. By doing so, I could hear her interest and her motivation coming back. The passion had returned!

A leader with passion is tied to his or her values and will emanate enthusiasm and determination. He or she will display high energy and the ability to motivate others to achieve individual and company goals. When obstacles are encountered, a leader will remain focused in finding solutions and engaging others. Passion breeds teamwork, positive energy, and achievement – Success!

As a leader, is your passion tied to your behaviors, values, and performance?

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