Showing Up

An essential skill of a coach is to “show up and be present.” I love that compound sentence: Show up AND be present. It perfectly describes job one of a coach.
Certainly, to show up and to be present both matter beyond coaching!
What’s the deal with showing up? For me, it’s about being where I’m needed. It’s about moving beyond my own realm and joining the other where he or she is. It’s about honoring my commitments. It’s also about understanding that the other person may NOT be able to show up, but I still can. “Count-on-able” isn’t a word, but is an apt description about someone who will show up.
Who can you count on to show up in your life? What is the impact on you?
For whom do you show up? How does it matter? To them? To you?
Is there a person you now realize needs you to show up? How will your showing up shift events?

One thought on “Showing Up

  1. I find your question very personal…something that goes deep into hearts of man and women. These are questions that people don’t want to answer for fear of what they may reveal about themselves…their pains perhaps…frustrations…failures…feelings of inadequacy. They may reveal truths that may not conform to the expectations of their loved ones.

    I know of people who would skip going to the graduation of their children because of an important business meeting that can’t be postponed. I know of people who would go out of their way immediately to please their friends but hesitate and delay accompanying his wife to the grocery.

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