Willingness to Change

In the past month, I’ve had some interesting conversations with people who don’t want to change.  They are either happy where they are, or they don’t like change, or they don’t know what to do differently.  They keep hoping that someone else will change and make it better.  Or, they resist changing because the new ways are unfamiliar. 

Think about this for yourself. What’s going on in your life that you could change, but you haven’t?  I know what you’re saying…. “You don’t understand. It’s more complicated than that!”  Yes, it is more complicated, and you still could try something entirely different than you’ve done before. If that doesn’t work, try something else. 

That’s what coaching is all about….

  • Challenging beliefs that no longer serve us
  • Partnering with people to stretch into new thoughts and behaviors that are more effective  
  • Being willing to say that it’s time for a new direction, even though it may be unfamiliar

2 thoughts on “Willingness to Change

  1. Linda–this really hits the bullseye! Take action, even though it is unfamiliar, to get away from “explaining” and get closer to “effective.” NICE!

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