Oh Stop Whining

My dog has become a whiner. She is an absolutely dear 11 year old tri-color Australian Shepherd who for reasons not quite explicable has started to whine. A lot. When she hears me roll over the first time at 6 am, whimper whimper. Every tiny event seems to require canine commentary. Now, I can kind of tune it out – I do after all, have 4 kids – but it is driving my husband nuts. That I can’t tune out. I call the vet to get his advice. He calls the dog’s behavior “dramatics” which makes me laugh. So a propos, my vet is funny. He suggests that we can possibly medicate her. Doggy downers. Again, I laugh out loud. Almost everyone I know is medicated, why not the dog? Then he asks: Is she getting enough exercise? Suddenly I am not laughing. For the last 6 months I have been going to gym most days instead of taking Indiana Jones for her regular 3 mile walk every day. It was great for her, but I needed to lift weights and challenge myself so our routine changed. Lately she has been getting meager 15 minute trots down the hill and back. And voila –birth of an anxious drama queen. So isn’t that just perfect? It isn’t just we humans who are medicating ourselves up down and sideways instead of unpeeling our sore eyeballs from whatever screen to jog around the block. Now it’s the dog. The medical profession has told us with no equivocation that exercise is the number one prescription for just about everything that ails us from diabetes to dementia. When I asked one CEO (this is 2009 in global manufacturing – he had a good reason to whine!) how he was getting by he said vodka and exercise (an hour a day at the gym). Another client whose company is very close to shutting the R & D department he runs told me that he is running. Every morning between 6 and 7 am. He has 848 unread emails but he is out there running. Feeling whiny? Get a sweat up.

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