The nature of giving

This time of year we turn our attention to the idea of giving. While a new sweater, or a pair of gloves can keep you warm, I have been thinking about a different kind of gift. Coaching at its core is all about this different kind of giving.
We give our clients the gift of a deep and abiding conviction that they can and will achieve their goals. We give them the precious gift of listening, truly and carefully. We give them a heartfelt gift of trust. At its best coaching is ultimately the gift of belief. When we believe, we invite our clients to believe – and then everything becomes possible.

As a coach, I am often astounded at clients who hesitate to give the gift of themselves in all of their brilliant glory.
They hide their gifts out of fear, or modesty, or for some other reason, and yet these gifts are the very things that drive their purpose in the world.

Giving feels good. And there is no better gift than to be your amazing self.So let me end by asking – How will you give the gift of yourself?

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