Trust & Communication

There was a really fantastic interview in the New York Times Sunday business section (Corner Office, a regular column, one of the reasons I still subscribe the NYTimes)  awhile back with Robin Domeniconi, Sr. VP and chief brand officer for the Elle Group.  She seems to be a natural leader/coach.  She says, that you can “say anything, but phrase it the right way.” One of my mentors, Thomas Leonard, used to say that you could say anything if your tone was neutral.  I think it is a combination of both – the key thing being that you have to say what needs to be said no matter how hard it is, or you are doing your people are disservice.

When asked about creating openness on her team she replies that she works hard to be role model for being honest when you don’t know something, or when you need more explanation to make a decision. 

Ms. Domeniconi also talks about the importance – really the critical nature- of trust and communication.  She says that a team that communicates well and trusts each other can  make mistakes, recover,  get smarter and accomplish anything.  That has certainly been my experience.

A real inspiration, if you are needing one today.

3 thoughts on “Trust & Communication

  1. I am amazed that some leaders cannot or do not see the common sense in this. With any relationship there has to be trust and communication. The work relationship is no different. The leadership sets the tone for how much trust and communication there is, based on their encouragement of it or lack thereof. I am firm believer that we seek guidance and direction from our leaders, spoken or unspoken.

    • This is a topic I am very passionate about. My company is going through serious transitions in an effort to make our work environment better. I am involved in the community that offers information and solutions for a better place to work. Thank you for the response.

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