Weather, or not…

What a winter! Here in Massachusetts, where this blogger resides, we have been pummeled with snowstorm upon snowstorm. In just the month of January, my area has received 47 inches of snow. And across the country, we have good company—from the 28 inches of Christmas Snow in New Jersey, to the 2 foot blizzard presently raging from Oklahoma to Chicago—good folks are digging out again and again.
As I gather up the canisters to fill with sand from my local DPW, I think of reserves. It’s a necessity in New England Winters—to have reserves of heating oil, of cord wood, and of blankets. Enough gas for the snow blower. To have snow shovels on hand. To have enough buckets of sand and salt to spread on the driveway and walkways, after the snow has been removed.
For many coaching clients, a coach’s introduction of the concept of “having reserves” can come as a surprise. Sure, they understand that having gas will keep a car going…but what are the unique needs required of an individual to keep going? What is enough sleep, food, exercise? What is enough connection, what is enough solitude? What is enough fun? What is enough work?
The ability to know what is enough is the critical first step to creating MORE than enough, to creating reserves. So, first things first: what do you require to be at your best? Work with your coach to get it fully met. Then, double it. Finally, you’ll understand the concept of having reserves for yourself, not just for enduring the wintery weather.

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