My phone rang the other day. In fact, it rings a lot and I have it set to ring only two times before voicemail picks up.  My husband jumped up, promptly tripped over the dog, and then got pretty upset. When I politely inquired why, he growled in frustration “The phone was ringing!”  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that we have become a society that responds to the ringing telephone, the beep of new email, and the vibration meaning a new text message. I feel the need, nay the URGE , to respond instantly, as if I am the most important person in the world, or as if I might miss out on something world changing.  So I did a little experiment. I went for a whole weekend without answering the phone or reading my email.  48 hours.  47 excruciating, unplugged hours. But here’s what I discovered in that last hour. Greeenbay won the Super bowl.  My roses are already in bud. My dog still loves to play fetch.  My teenager really does still need Mom.  That fidgety anxious feeling went away and I had time. Real time, to recharge. I accomplished more on Monday morning that I thought possible.  So I challenge you. Unplug. What will you discover?

5 thoughts on “Unplugged

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  2. The same goes with 24×7 news channels. Crazy. And to top it Google. With this burst of information, we are spinning ourselves out of orbit. Orbit of sense, orbit of our aura and control. Moving away from what we are and trying to run a race which we even don’t know. Its horrifying. When will we learn to see within and learn living?

  3. It takes discipline to unplug, which I am learning. As we know, it is not always about the “doing”. The more important question is how are we “BEING”? Are you being present with what is most important now? There are many times I must face reality and let the work, chores, etc go and just relax and have fun. As someone “famous” said, “Today is a present and tomorrow is not promised!”

  4. Patricia,
    Recharging is a topic I run into a lot with leaders at smaller companies – mainly because they never seem to recharge. I ran into someone the other day that purposefully unplugs and it is actually an issue because the requirement is 24×7 access in their organization. Any thoughts on that as a requirement?

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