Super is, well, Super

Super is a popular word around my house right now.  It is my three year old son’s favorite word, so I hear it…a lot.  You would think I would be tired of it, but I love it.  Every time he says it, I stop and smile and appreciate the sheer enthusiasm and joy he puts into this singular description of his activities.  It gives me a break from the noise in my head chirping that my to-do’s aren’t getting done as quickly as I would like, that I can’t produce the quality of work I would like to or the myriad of other self-critical things I tell myself about my performance.  It’s overwhelming, and no wonder it feels like progress isn’t being made!

It’s a bit humbling to realize that he is naturally practicing Asset-Based Thinking.  A concept I still struggle to put into practice.  According to authors, Kathryn D. Cramer, PhD and Hank Wasiak’s book Change The Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking, ABT calls for positive action and traction in the present moment.  It is positive thinking, on steroids. And, really, it’s a great illustration of what can be gained by working with a coach. Focusing on acceptance, identifying what’s working and leveraging your strengths to bridge gaps are all a part of the coaching journey.  Small shifts in perception can lead to big changes in energy and productivity; like identifying opportunities rather than problems, strengths instead of weaknesses, and what can be done rather than what can’t so that there is freedom to explore more creative options or solutions.

As I sit here right now, my son is “super happy” because he is an airplane that “goes super fast”!

Because, truly, who doesn’t want to be super?

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