Confidence Unleashed!

To watch someone who has gained confidence in his or her abilities perform is a beautiful thing!

I have watched my son struggle with confidence in his basketball abilities over the past two years. This season my son is playing basketball with great confidence. He finally believes in himself and it shows on the court. As his mother, some of his moves have shocked me, and I have questioned, “Is that my son?!”

So, what finally snapped inside my son for him to become fully confident in his basketball abilities? What causes any individual, regardless of age, to become confident?

For my son, I watched the change come as a result of repeated praising and reassurance he received from his peers and authority figures, from seeing his teammates succeed, and from being challenged. Coaches and parents believed in him before he believed in himself. It took time before he truly could see it.

As a coach, what it took for my son to step into his confidence is very similar to what takes place in coaching sessions with clients. Some clients begin with self-doubt about their abilities. By creating a safe and trusting environment, clients can be encouraged through praisings, role play, and overcoming challenges that build their confidence. Clients who are confident change behaviors and move toward their goals, which increase their effectiveness and personal satisfaction. Almost everyone needs a champion at some point to boost his or her confidence and accomplish a leap to a new level of performance.

Do you have the champion you need right now?


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