One Thing

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with an organization that has a very clear focus for 2011. The focus is on the “One Thing” that will make the biggest difference this year. As a company, each leader is identifying and sharing his/her “One Thing.” Each department head is also identifying the “One Thing” focus for the department. Each “One Thing” is aligned with the organization so everyone is rowing in the same direction.

I wonder what the difference might be if all teams and organizations knew their “One Thing.” And, if all the “One Things” were aligned….

This made me think about myself in 2011.  What could I come up with that would be my “One Thing” as an overarching focus for the year.  I wanted to incorporate business and personal, although the two normally are separate.  As soon as I thought about it, my “One Thing” emerged. It’s having reserves in all areas of my life – reserves of time (which means I’m reorganizing how I set up my work and personal life), reserves of energy (which means I’m exercising differently as well as paying attention to eating and sleeping), and of course, reserves in the financial arena (no comment here!).  My “One Thing” is already helping me to focus and be different at work and at home this year.

What about you? Whether at work, in your personal life, or both, what’s your “One Thing” that can help you order your life and ensure that all aspects of your life are “rowing in the same direction?”

One thought on “One Thing

  1. The beauty of this idea is both in its simplicity as well as its power. Laser focus is so much more powerful than power that is diffused among many subjects; and the forced choice of choosing only “one” thing requires the user to inquire into what is most important and choose what has the most leverage.

    I enjoyed your specific examples, Linda, for me the “one thing” I have been focused on is supreme health, as I believe everything else flow from that, and having focused here for the past 3 months I can attest to the veracity of this practice.

    Thanks for your simple and eloquent post!

    Joyce Baker, PCC

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