What is your value proposition?


As I completed my second weekend of a graduate marketing class discussing value propositions, what came up for me was considering the value proposition as an individual.  I recently took a new role managing more people (multiple individuals who have the same goal). The questions that I want each person to consider are “What is your value proposition?  What is your value contribution?” 

What do you contribute to the organization that is unique to you?  In Marketing, the big questions are always “What is our value contribution?” and “What differentiates our company from others?” These give us our value contribution. 

So I ask you as leader, what is your value contribution?  What differentiates you from others?   What do you as a leader want (or need?) others to see and experience as your value contribution? 

Value contribution is not only for the company to review and articulate, it’s also for the leader.  The current reality is that the value you contribute is experienced and remembered, and it will be shared with the market place.

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