The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde and his wit aside, I have always loved the word earnest, and I bestow the word on another when it is, well, earnestly earned!
One who is serious in intention, purpose or effort, showing depth and sincerity of feeling is good company indeed. Consider an earnest friend, or an earnest family member. Thoughts of their actions and attributes evoke strong, positive emotions. Their steadfastness, their sincerity, and their depth all are enduring and valued characteristics.
How about at work? Would you be categorized as an earnest leader? Are you intentional and purposeful? By sharing your depth and conveying your sincerity, you will purposefully engender the followership of you, the earnest leader.
One of the best ways you can reveal your “leadership earnestness” is by creating and sharing your Leadership Point of View (LPOV). An LPOV teaches people what you expect from yourself and from them, so that, together, you can succeed. Working with a Coach to reflect on, craft, and then share your Leadership Point of View will help you to …
• Be more authentic, more fully yourself as a leader
• Show up as who you are, not as who you think you should be as a leader
• Become more intentional in your leadership
• Become more congruent in your leadership
• Inspire others to think about their values and their Leadership Point of View

Why bother? Because in addition to revealing your earnestness, the action of sharing your LPOV transforms individuals, teams and organizations! To earnestly reveal your LPOV is to communicate with people’s hearts. Once you have won their hearts …
Your team will follow you. People will be committed to achieving what is important to you and your organization.
They will listen to you. People will remember what you say when you talk to them.
They will have faith in you. People will trust you and be quicker to act on your requests.
They will give you their best. People will strive to be extraordinary.
They will stay. People will commit to staying and growing with you.
I concur with Oscar Wilde: the importance of being earnest is significant for all!

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Earnest

  1. I wanted to say how much I enjoy the coaching articles. Working as a mentor and coach at a college age youth ministry [Teenmania Ministries] I use many of your articles for inspiration and education. I am in the process of building an internal training/development website and will most likely use some of your articles [of course I will provide appropriate reference] thanks and have a blessed day

  2. It is so easy to slide backward from the value of being earnest. The space between sincerity and giving up is not a wide one and, therefore we must always be on guard so that we continue to do what is right. Before we know it, apathy can set in but it’s so true that the commitment to being earnest will allow things to once again to fall back into place. The very though of an earnest person is a peaceful and joyful thing!

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