Spring planting is like coaching

We have had a lot of snow this year. But Spring eventually comes, and blossoms peek up though the snow, spreading beautiful color across our landscape. I was sitting in my office the other day, grumpily telling my husband all about the things that had gone wrong that day. The “to do” list was still 9 items from being complete, and cranky clients and co-workers had expressed their unhappiness all day long. Then I noticed my husband’s smile as he turned his head to look out my window. There, nestled between other perennial growth, stood a lone Iris. And just like that my day brightened. Three years ago my husband took the time to plant several irises though out our yard. He never said a word. He just trusted that one day I would look out and see those gorgeous purple blooms and smile. Coaching is like that. We plant seeds, never saying much about what we are doing, or why. Months and sometimes years later those seeds bloom. We don’t know when we plant seeds if they will ever bloom, but we plant, none-the-less. My day was suddenly full of delight and joy, thanks to a simple act of love by my husband. As a coach, I care for my clients by serving them. I keep planting those seeds trusting and knowing that there is fertile soil and that something of beauty will grow.
So, I leave you with this thought – What seeds are you planting?

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