What’s Your Fear?

Recently, I was in a conversation with a highly-skilled coach about potential coaching topics for an upcoming conference. One topic the coach suggested was around fear.

Since my conversation with the coach, I have been thinking about the word fear.

How has fear held me back? What behaviors am I exhibiting due to fear?

As a coach, I recognized there were times that fear prevented me from truly serving my clients. I played it safe in asking questions, making challenging requests, and incorporating direct communication. My fear was being less than perfect and disappointing my clients. I placed limitations on myself and also on my clients. I allowed fear to stand in the way of being a highly impactful coach that leads clients to deeper discovery and action. I questioned, what was the missed potential?

Everyone has fears: Fear of failing, Fear of success, Fear of not being the best, Fear of death.

Individuals respond to fear in different ways consciously or unconsciously. It may be subtle or aggressive. As a result, individuals’ actions and behaviors are unproductive, limiting, and/or costly to themselves and others.

What are your fears? What opportunities are you losing by not facing your fears and moving beyond them?

“Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.”  ~Brendan Francis


One thought on “What’s Your Fear?

  1. Your discussion of fear also makes me think of two other words that often get used around coaching – stories and shadows. Stories are the things we often tell ourselves around why things happened or what we see as the reason behind an event. Shadows are the things that hold us back – beliefs, fears, or untold secrets.

    As you pointed out, but turning to face them and naming them, they often become paper thin barriers. Nice post – it made me think. Thanks!

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