Meeting with Spring Training CEO

During spring training a few weeks ago, my husband and I were invited to a baseball game. Before the game, we met with the CEO of the team who gave us a tour of the facility. We also sat with him during the game (guess which row we sat in!?).

Sitting next to him during a few innings of the game, I asked several questions about how he spends his time as CEO. His answer was very insightful. Here’s what he said:

  • As CEO, he spends a large amount of time networking and entertaining.
  • He has great people working for him, and he’s in contact with them on a regular basis.
  • He constantly has his eye on the financials, especially accounts receivable. Even though they have a great CFO, he still watches the numbers all the time.
  • He is in close touch with HR because he insists that everyone is treated respectfully, and he wants to know that this is being maintained.
  • He said that from his experience, every organization has one area that is their most important area (for example, Nintendo is primarily a marketing company and baseball teams are primarily focused on recruiting). He believes it’s critical to know which area it is for each company. This area defines who they are. Then, the other functional areas must work well together, which is partly his responsibility.

I thought this last part was very interesting. I thought about our company. As you’re reading this, think about yours.

  • What’s your “most important area?”
  • How much agreement is there about this?
  • How do other departments function together, knowing that one is the most important?
  • Who’s making sure that all areas are working together?

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