All Is Well

     One and a half years ago, I was completing a coaching engagement with a dynamic leader. As with all my “wrap sessions,” I asked the leader to reflect on her learnings and to tell me what she will commit to for her future actions. Her eloquent response sent me on a quest which I only completed this weekend.
     Concurrent with her professional goals of successfully developing her work team and attaining all project deliverables, she spoke about a personal goal: resuming singing. She’d stopped singing after coming to the US from India. I had suggested that if she allowed room for her gift, she would notice and benefit from the gifts of others. At our final call, she said that was so true: she had found a teacher of traditional Indian music, and was radiant because she’d found her voice again. And, because of this, she saw with greater clarity the gifts of communication the members of her team possessed. She instilled an expectation that they all “catch people doing things right,” and it accelerated the development of high-performance qualities within the team.
     She then told me how transformational this “coach approach” is, and insisted that I see the movie The Three Idiots. She told me that the movie was set in an elite engineering college, rife with competition and anxiety, bred into the students by their parents since birth. However, the protagonist, Rancho, was impervious to the stress suffered by his peers. Instead of chasing something as elusive as success, Rancho LOVED learning. He had a mantra, “all is well,” which he explained kept him calm and focused in the present. He challenged his classmates that they were all too worried about the future, and their fears of failure were robbing them of the joy of the present.
     My client told me she kept thinking about what she learned from coaching while she watched the movie. Rather than chasing success, Rancho would tell his friends “pursue excellence, and success will follow.” Through coaching, my client knows this to be true.
     Well, I’ve been searching for this movie since that final conversation. I fell over myself when I found it Saturday on the rack at my DVD store (yes, I still go to a DVD store!). It was everything my client told me…and more. Find the flick, carve out at least three hours (Bollywood doesn’t produce short movies) and prepare to laugh, cry, sigh, sing, dance and think.
     As the three idiots sing: “Aal izz well!”

One thought on “All Is Well

  1. ‘All is well’ what a great mantra for life. A few years ago I started signing off my messages with ‘Keep well’, my intentions are for us all to be present and well. Life becomes a little lighter and energy flows to keeping well. Thank you for your wellness message

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