I have nothing to say

How many times are you asked for an opinion, or a thought, or feedback? Perhaps in your last interview, or maybe during a key presentation to your peers? It seems that we are constantly tweeting, face booking, blogging, and otherwise commenting on everything from our personal mood, to great world events. We are asked for our informed or uninformed opinion about almost everything.
I was at a party a few days ago and I joined a group of friends opining about the lamentable state of the economy. I moved on to another group having a heated discussion about religion in the workplace. A third group laughingly discussed the pros and cons of their respective bosses. I found I had nothing to say. Nothing at all. And then what I realized is the less I had to say the more I listened. Really listened. And I learned quite a few things, about my friends, my clients, my colleagues, and my family. I realize that there are times when I will have to offer an opinion. What I am noticing is that I can be much more selective about when and how much I offer. The beauty of this, is that it leaves so much more room for listening. Here is what I learned: Every boss is human and has good points and bad. People really care about connection to each other and to something greater than oneself. The economy is beyond my scope of control. People love to be listened to.
So that’s it. I have nothing to say.

4 thoughts on “I have nothing to say

  1. It makes me think about a leader I was meeting recently that was struggling with the culture of their group. Realizing that he was making too many statements, he is now working on opening meetings, conversations with questions. His preparation will be to go into planned events with a list of two or three of them.

    Thanks for the post.

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