After a recent conversation, I realized that the word success carries a lot of baggage.  It’s not a soft word by any means.  For many, including the person I was talking with, successful leaders are difficult, self-interested, argumentative, and disruptive.  They pursue their goals with singular ambition.  If you look at success solely through that lens, then the workplace becomes a tough environment to thrive in (unless, of course, you are said leader). 

What about another set of adjectives?  What if we flipped the descriptors of success around and defined it in terms of collaboration, harmony, contribution and dedication?  When you look at success through those terms it creates an environment that supports teamwork.  And, teamwork that is well focused creates synergy which provides the fuel for innovation and creativity.  It also creates a workplace where people are fully engaged and who are empowered to do their best work.

Success means many different things to people.  How do you define success?  How do you model success in your company, business unit or team?

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