Creme brulee and leadership point of view

I am a foodie. I avidly watch the “The Next Food Network Star”, not only for the amazing food each chef makes, but to watch the growth and development each contestant achieves over time. One of the things that make the final four contestants successful is the ability to articulate their point of view. In this case, the POV is about who they are, what food they cook and why. Being a leader is similar to being a contestant. A leader must know who they are, and what they stand for in order to get others to follow.
At Blanchard, we know that a leadership point of view can be developed. All the ingredients are already present in each of us. We just need to sift, mix, and blend those elements together. Ask yourself “Who inspires me? What are my core values? What do I believe? “ Do the work to think through the recipe that is uniquely YOU, and like the Sandwich King (my personal favorite) or the spicy Mexican chef (another contender), you will discover that the more you know yourself, and are true to yourself, the clearer will be your leadership point of view.

My LPOV is like Creme Brulee – simple ingredients transformed into something satisfying and elegant. What ingredients are in your point of view and what masterpiece will you create?

One thought on “Creme brulee and leadership point of view

  1. Patricia – Your post made me think and made me hungry :). I think of the basic training we give to leaders and realize that very rarely have I ever seen the pieces you shared. Imagine the value of focusing on being authentic -vs trying to fit into a mold. One leader comes to mind who took his first role as a leader and decided to be ‘the strong and direct leader’ to gain the respect of everyone.. The impact was destructive and he did not get a second chance. He did not know his recipe . . . . .

    Nice post.

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