Senior Leadership Can be a Lonely Role

I once had a leader tell me that the higher you climb in the organization, the more disconnected and lonely you feel in your role.  Do you believe that is true?  Do people speak openly to their bosses about the problems/opportunities that exist?  “Did anyone want to sit next to you at dinner?” my boss recently joked to me at our 3 day off site attended by the majority of my direct reports.   Yikes.  I had not thought about it and actually, I am not sure.  I certainly didn’t get an invitation.

Is the dynamic different when you are in senior leadership?   Do you think people tend to back away from Sr. Leaders or embrace them?  Whatever your belief, the best way to keep from being lonely is to have 1-on-1 meetings on a regular basis.  These are a time to connect, provide a forum for team members to feel heard and solicit feedback on what is working/not working.  Team meetings help to ensure that connections are being made, work is moving forward and dinners are filled with invitations!

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