Stepping Over…or Taking Steps?

A few months ago I was walking through our house when my husband stopped me suddenly.  He was pointing to a place I’d just walked past at least 5 times. In that place was a snake, curled into a tight circle.  We live in Arizona. Snakes in the house are not a good thing.  The fact that I’d stepped over it at several times was even more disturbing. It also made me wonder what else I step over all the time without noticing.

What DO we step over, without realizing it? Maybe it’s the impact of something we said, not realizing that it was unintentionally hurtful. Or, maybe it’s the part of our work that we really don’t like, not realizing that others notice when we don’t do it. Or, maybe it’s the insignificant meetings that we attend without paying attention, not realizing that our input is important for the business decisions that are being made.

OK, now I’m convicted! It’s time to pay attention to the things that I step over and start taking steps in a new direction. One step is to pay attention to the responses of others and to clean up messes. Another step is to take action on the things I don’t like to do, regularly. A third step is to be present (really present and focused) at meetings, and to contribute input when decisions are being made.

How about you? What steps can you take rather than stepping over something that could potentially bite you?

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