i’m ready for overindulgence to end

Tis the season to overindulge…. more sweets, more lattes, more late nights, more of everything.  The kids are out of school for a couple of weeks so the pressure to do homework and study is off.  It’s the time of year people let go of their self-discipline and act as if every day is a holiday.  This time of year many people take vacation, often extended ones.  With so many people missing at work, the focus for the few working is to just keep the boat floating.  Isn’t that what we do too when we overindulge?  We just do what it takes to keep ourselves floating?

I’m one of the active participants in over indulging and ready to get back to self-discipline.  We have a few more days though of holiday cheer and I’m thinking about how to leverage the time and make my last few days of 2011 count.   I’ll start by getting back on my “healthy eating plan” and I’ll get moving (maybe not a run, but at least a walk) and I’ll take advantage of the quiet time at work to clean out my office.  I know next week and the start of the New Year will bring back the pressures I’ve been missing and my plan is to get ahead of it.  Do you succumb to over indulgence?  If so, how do you get back on track?

2 thoughts on “i’m ready for overindulgence to end

  1. A. self-motivation which comes from my passion to explore in personal growth – personal development – and in being an entrepreneur! To me it feels like play in awesome communication!

    Thank you for the awesome question! Happy Holidays!

  2. The holidays DO provide us with time to over-indulge. I try not to feel guilty about that. I love Jan. 1 of each new year because it always feels like a new beginning – time to set new personal and professional goals and also encourage my clients to do the same. I allow myself to wallow in the beautiful winter solstice that happens in Minnesota and clean my office, throw out old files, read all the new business books I have purchased.

    I belong to BNI, a networking group, and I encourage and challenge my colleagues to plan their next 12 months, review their vision statement and objectives. (I also request that they hire me to help them with this).

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