learning and growth is not an option

I have always believed the idea that you must grow and learn to continue to add value and, simply to keep up with the changes going on around us.  Change is constant in organizations.  Unfortunately there are many organizational examples where change is not embraced.  Who ever thought that Kodak and film would become obsolete?  Did you predict Blockbuster would lose customers to a new and no-name business called Netflix?  Is Netflix in danger of losing customers to the access people have to view and rent movies online?  Ken Blanchard, along with Mark Miller, in their new book, Great Leaders Grow,Image describes the importance of “gaining knowledge” as one of the most important game changers for leaders.  I agree.  What are you doing to set yourself up to meet the new challenges happening in business?  Where do you need to stretch your thinking?  How do you keep up with a growing and changing market?  It can be overwhelming to consider that growth and learning is a key to success and if you embrace and lean into it, it will become a new way of living.

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