It is about more than achieving the goal

Goal setting is a basic part of any success methodology. We set small goals and big ones – and sometimes even HUGE goals But what happens once the goal is achieved? Do we stop and celebrate? Do we stop and take time to think about the journey we have just taken? Or do we move on to the next goal? I recently achieved one of those HUGE goals, three years in the making. My first reaction was relief. I was finally done. But then I started thinking about all the other things I wanted to achieve and I jumped right into planning and thinking about my next big goal. I had failed completely to do two critical things. The first was to celebrate. After all a three year effort is surely worth some hoopla. Okay. Party planned. The second thing I failed to do was take the time to think about the journey itself. Often the most important part of achieving a goal is the experiences we collect, the people we meet and the things we learn along the way. What do you remember most about the last goal you achieved? How will you apply what you learned? Who did you meet along the way that influenced you, changed you, or made you think in a new way? Goal setting isn’t just about achieving a goal. It is also about the journey. Where are you going next?

6 thoughts on “It is about more than achieving the goal

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    • Art & Ariana,
      Persistence is KEY to achieving a goal. There are many things that can get in your way. Energy, passion (or lack thereof) naysayers, when the going gets hard, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and keep moving ahead.

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    • But what about when your goal achievement has an effect on someone else? It is no use to set a goal, for example to lose weight, and then stop cooking breakfast for you 6 year old son before he goes off to school. Balance and ramifications are also worth some consideration.

  3. Patricia – How often we get so busy doing that we forget the journey. Your post made me think about a question someone asked me recently as I reflected about 3 years in business “Do you ever look back and recognize all the things you have accomplished?” My answer was a sheepish – No . . . . . I have a lot to do. One thing I have noticed in companies coming out of several years in survival mode – they stopped doing this. What have you noticed?

  4. Scott – I have seen this too. However in companies where the culture is strong and can withstand the ups and downs of an economy, or other changes, it does still occur. I think it is a fine balance to recognize one’s accomplishments and not get caught up in resting on one’s laurels!

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