Don’t worry – be happy.

There is a movement afoot in the world. It’s all about being happy. Happy you ask? How silly, really, to think about being happy as if we have some actual, internal control over our own happiness. After all, isn’t being happy something that just happens to us? Turns out, it’s not!

In fact, as a coach you may find yourself working with clients who want just a little bit more happiness in their life. Some focus on the next big promotion, some on giving back to their community. Still others in finding balance between the excessive email inbox, and the completely unplugged vacation in the Bahamas. Really, though, happiness is all around us. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project suggests that with planned and thoughtful intention one can increase feelings of happiness.  So I tried it. For one week I asked myself “What makes me happy?” and then I made sure to do at least one thing every day that put a smile on my face.   I discovered that not only was I happier, but everyone around me was happier too! How fantastic. My husband was smiling more. My daughter was humming in the shower.  Okay, now to apply it to my profession. I began asking clients “what makes you happy?”  The answers were often different and always fascinating. Every person I asked took control in some way for noticing, and then acting upon their own happiness.   Early results show that as they became happier so did everyone around THEM! 

Yep, it’s a movement all right. One well worth expanding on. So it’s your turn now.

What makes YOU happy?

5 thoughts on “Don’t worry – be happy.

    • Myra, – making others happy is one of the BEST ways to be happy. Do you recall that “random acts of kindness” movement from a few years ago? I still pay the toll for the guy behind me when I cross the bridge. It makes me smile for hours.

  1. Patricia – There is lots of talk about happiness lately so I liked your post. One thing I did recently was to join a happiness study that was mentioned in a recent Harvard Business Review. For iPhone users, 3x a day for 2.5 weeks I was sent a text asking me to report in on what I was doing and how I was feeling. Along the way it gave you data about your happiness levels doing different things. In some cases it was common sense, and in other cases I was surprised how very important things and people in my life were getting a less happy person. Hmmmm . . . For people leading high-pot programs, I think what you described would be a great activity to self observe and discover how we impact others with our attitude and how our attitude is a choice. Nice post.

    • Scott, – I agree and in the HiPot area this could be really fascinating, since high potentials are often viewed as the “movers and shakers” in organizations. I have heard of the iPhone project and how interesting to hear comments form someone who is participating. Thanks for sharing.

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