It isn’t rocket science

That’s what we say, right? To convey to others that the thing we are thinking about, or doing is not as complicated as boosting several tons of metal and a few human beings off the plant. And yet, the human brain makes more than a million billon connections between neurons,. That is more than the number of breaths you might take in a lifetime! As a coach it is our role to help change how and when those neurons fire. We ask clients to imagine the future. We ask them to change behavior. We work with them to shift thinking. In essence we are asking people to re-wire their brains, and to make some of those million billion connections work differently. We are remaping the connectome. No. It isn’t rocket science. I suspect it is something FAR more complicated. When people ask me about what I do, I tell them it isn’t rocket science –and then I smile.

For a great article on the brain check out Carl Zimmer’s article in Discover – April 2012 (p. 22-23)

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