Free will

William James once said “My first act of free will is to believe in free will.” Freedom and free will are top of mind for me, given the upcoming American Independence Day. Coaching often supports one of freedom’s basic elements, that of choice. In a society that values freedom above all else it is sometimes shocking to me that as individuals we forget that we have choices. We have a choice about how we respond to the jerk that cuts us off in traffic, the boss who offers us constructive criticism, or the teammate whose work affects ours. We can choose to beat ourselves up, or embrace the learning that comes from failure. We can choose to ignore opportunity, or grasp it with both hands. We exert our free will when we make these choices Okay, so how does this relate to coaching? When we get stuck  a great coach can remind us that we make those choices and then help us make them with intention. Coaching helps us clearly see where we can adjust, adapt, flex, and simply choose how we will feel, how we will respond, and who we will be.

So I wonder, what choices are you making?

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