One Thing at a Time!

There are times when there is so much going on personally and professionally that I am running around in circles, experiencing high levels of stress, and/or staring at the computer screen (immobile) feeling my heart racing. My thoughts are scattered. I vision my thoughts are fighting each other trying to be at the front of the line of my ‘to do list.’ Have you ever experienced this? 

Well, I have been experiencing it over the past couple of weeks. The task of writing this bloImageg, along with other tasks, has battled for first place. Since there is only one day left prior to posting this blog, the task is now at the front of the line standing boldly and smiling!!

Throughout the past few weeks when I realized I was about to “lose it” (not in control), I put my own coaching hat on (since I am a certified coach and between coaching sessions with my own coach) and asked myself, “What is most important to complete right now?” I stated to myself out loud, “One thing at a time!” Then, I breathed!! This is my wake up call! I reevaluated the tasks that needed to be completed and made a conscious choice, let me repeat this…a conscious choice, of what my next action or task would be based on my values and what is most important.

Some of my values conflict with one another such as family, fitness, and producing high quality work. For example, in order to produce high quality work, there are many times I must work on the weekends or long hours to meet deadlines and respond timely to others located in different time zones. This competes with time I spend with my family or myself. I planned to write this blog post over the weekend, but I consciously chose, which was not easy (guilt factor in my mind), to spend time with my family and prepare for several upcoming family events. In order to be effective and create high quality work or have high quality personal time, the focus must be on one task at a time.

It is important to recognize when I am feeling out of control and question “How important is this really and how does it align with my values?” “What is the one thing I need to focus on right now?

So, my suggestion to anyone who feels out of control and stressed at times is to simply coach yourself. Here are a few sample questions:

  • What is the priority?
  • What task is most important to be completed right now?
  • How does completing the task at this moment align with your values?
  • What are you willing to accept?

Also, remember to breathe!!!


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