Understanding gifts is the heart of coaching.

The first step is to understand that a gift IS a gift. Unfortunately, a lot of us have learned to “gloss over” what we do well, to minimize it, or even to deny it. Just because it comes naturally to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t special!

Blanchard and Homan (Leverage your best, ditch the rest) created an excellent process for identifying your gifts. Please answer the following questions:
 • What do I naturally, easily, and effortlessly do when no one is looking?
• What about me inspires others, even though it is easy for me?
• What did I learn easily and continue to develop effortlessly?
• What do I get compliments on that I never even have to think about? (Some examples include humor, perceptiveness, style, logical thinking, physical courage, a flair for design.)
• What about me makes people jealous?
• What do I know is special about me but try to hide?
• What about me gives me guilty pleasure?
• What is my secret vanity?

Do you feel too squeamish to do the above?  

If you’re timid, here is another approach:  What do you admire in others?  Appreciating that which is special is something we more easily do when we see it in another than when we see it in ourselves.   There is a GREAT BIG CHANCE that when you review the list of what you admire in others, some of the gifts you are endowed with are on the list. 

Now, go back and make a list of YOUR gifts, and begin to embrace the value they bring to you, to others, and to the world.

3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Great article and insight. I recently had a conversation around this very topic with two of the team members that I coach/mentor. My point to them is that the better you know yourself and can identify your unique gifts, the easier it is to identify opportunities to help others and to operate in your own personal “sweet spot”.

    It’s not always easy to recognize that the gifts that you have are not the ones that you hoped for. But once you realize the tremendous difference you can make with your gifts, you’ll wish that you had gone down that path earlier.

  2. I love this approach. It is very different than identifying your passion. One reaches in and the other reaches out.

  3. That is really a very nice approach for understanding ourselves. The examples which you mentioned are really very much appropriate and does works in identifying our personality. This is the best gift one can have.
    Irish Gift

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