Measuring the value of coaching

Every coach knows when coaching is really working, after all clients keep coming back for more; they say it’s valuable and they change in fundamental ways. The challenge is in how to measure the value of coaching. In one on one relationships this may be less important than when a corporate organization is picking up the tab. The purpose of a corporation is to increase value to the shareholder – to make a profit. Everything that goes on in corporations is aimed at that one simple goal. So if we are coaching people in corporate organizations at some point we are going to be expected to show the value of coaching. How is it contributing to the bottom line? The good news is that there ARE ways to do so.’
1. Link client objectives to corporate strategies
2. Set SMART goals and focus on how the goals will change the organization (as well as your client)
3. Identify internal observers who know what the goals are – and can comment on gains
4. Conduct a pre and post measurement – use scaling such as a likert scale to measure change
5. Put a dollar value on change
How do you measure the value of coaching?

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