5 questions to turn a bad day into a great day

Everyone has a bad day now and again, me included. My coach wasn’t handy, and I really wanted to change how my day was going. So, I did a little bit of self coaching. Here are the five questions I asked myself, to turn my day around.

What is making my day “bad”? Well, email overwhelm, demands on my time, falling behind on deadlines, and in general, living the corporate life that so many of our clients live every day.

What would a great day look like? Oh, easy. Being on top of my work. Getting the top 5 things on my “to do” list done. Taking the time to smell the roses.

What needs to be done first? Okay, now I’m unstuck. The first thing I needed to do was the thing I had been putting off. A little progress there, and voila – I’m back on track.

What else makes your day “great”? Now this is fun to ponder! For me, that means doing something kind for someone. A visit with my new 92 year old friend. $6.00 worth of flowers and 30 minutes of time has given me a week of smiles and good cheer. Those random acts of kindness really do work.

What keeps your days great? Harder to answer this one, because I can get caught in that vicious email cycle all too easily. My personal answer is to do at least 2 things on my “to do” list BEFORE I read my email and to do one thing every day that makes me smile; an hour in the bookstore, a hug from my daughter, checking off another item on my to do list.

So the next time you are having a “bad” day – how would you “self coach” to a great day?


3 thoughts on “5 questions to turn a bad day into a great day

  1. Patricia – I especially like those last two questions and how you frame the whole list around how we “self coach” ourselves. A great reminder of the little/big things we control about our days.

  2. The first question is key in being able to move through the day. I find that often we get caught up in everything that we’re not even sure why we’re having a “bad” day. Recognizing the why allows us to then change gears and do something about it. Great tips, printing it now as a reminder daily to myself.

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