That’s One Perspective…

What’s another?

It is so common to see things through the lens of only one perspective based on personal experiences, backgrounds, and values. “Everyone should see things my way – Right?… Wrong!” I have stated several times, “There are always 3 sides to a story.” This can be translated to “There are at least 3 perspectives to a situation.” Once a person steps outside of his or her own mindset, the situation is broaden to include other possible viewpoints, reasons, solutions, etc.

I worked with a client who believed his manager only wanted to know when the project will be completed. The client experienced several challenges, which he tried to communicate to his manager. The manager nonchalantly acknowledged the challenges and focused on the project end date. The client’s communication was based only on his perspective and as a result was ineffective.

During the coaching session, I questioned my client on how might he communicate the challenges from his manager’s perspective? “How would you communicate from the president’s or another department team member’s perspective who is impacted by the project?” As a result, the client was able to broaden his thinking to create a communication that captured the challenges, the impact of the challenges across many departments, and the possible alternatives and solutions to complete the project by the deadline. The challenges were communicated from different viewpoints (a micro and macro level) to show the impact throughout the company.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our own perspectives that we are missing out on other possible alternatives and win-win solutions!!

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