Taking the “UN” out of Un-Leaderlike Moments

It is perfect that this blog post coincides with a live cast with yours truly, Madeleine Blanchard,  that The Ken Blanchard Companies is sponsoring at 10 am Pacific today, October 30th. In the workshop we examine some of the ways you can increase your self-awareness and minimize behavior that you know might be weakening your leadership effectiveness.

So our blog readers get the Readers Digest version!   If you think you could be a better leader pay attention to:

Intent and Impact – Make sure you are having the impact you intend, watch people’s faces!  If you make an impact you do not intend, STOP, call it out and deal with it right in the moment. 

Habits – Take a look at what you complain about – that will give you a clue as to what bad habits you might have.  For example, if you are always late and complain about the traffic, you might have a habit of blaming circumstances for things that you actually have control over.  This will undermine your credibility as a leader.  

Also, you may have good habits – habits that you developed that have made you successful but might now be holding you back.  Take a look at what you do that has always worked that it might be time to let go of.  Best book on this topic:  Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Strengths – You heard it before and I am saying it again:  the more you are able to leverage your strengths, the more powerful you will be.  There are several ways to assess your strengths, you can buy StrenghtFinder 2.0 by Tim Roth and it provides you with a code to use for an online assessment.  You can take a free assessment immediately at the VIA Institute on Character website.   Another book:  Standout by Marcus Buckingham.

Blind Spots – you have ‘em but they’re blind spots, right?  So you don’t know you have them.  Ask someone you trust what they think yours might be.  Or, look to the spot where you have pain – an ongoing conflict you have with someone else, or an intractable problem, and ask yourself, “What am not seeing about myself that could be at the root of this?”  Painful, yes, but so much better to get the harsh beep from the person you are swerving into than actually get into a car wreck.

Limiting Beliefs – There is a good chance that you are a less than great leader because you are still playing small.  Cut it out.  Seriously, listen to the nasty voices in your head that hold you back by asking “Who do think you are?” and then talk back to them and tell them to shut up.  What limiting belief do you have that you would you challenge if you heard it from a friend?   

OK.  So what do you do if you really want to change a behavior?  Next week, I will share a 5 step plan for behavior change. Stay tuned!

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