5 Step Checklist for Behavior Change

You can’t get a personality transplant but small behavioral changes can make a big impact. A 2% Shift in direction will affect your Destination

1. Once you have noticed how your intent is different than your impact, articulate the gap.  Put words to where you are now, and where you want to be.  This helps you to understand the nature shift and makes it real.

Old Behavior ___________________

New Behavior ___________________

Start Date: ______________________

2. Notice when you might practice your new behavior; define triggers that will soon remind you to do your new behavior.


3. Try on your new behavior in a safe environment.  Do your new behavior every time you get a trigger in a safe environment.

 4. Try on your new behavior in an “unsafe environment”.  Promise yourself to do it ONCE –  Once a day, once per opportunity, define a minimum for yourself and reward yourself every time you do it.

Minimum: _________________________________

5. Discuss the upside of your new behavior with a sympathetic champion of you.  The more you remind yourself of the benefit, the more you will be inclined to do it.

Who to talk to: ___________________________________________

 TIPS For Trying on new things:

  • Tell the people you feel safe with that you are trying something new.  Prepare to be teased. Teasing is good, generally people who like/love you tease you.
  • Ask for help in tweaking your new behavior
  • Ask for support  in identifying triggers, and in holding yourself accountable
  • Breathe deeply to avoid freezing up
  • Keep your feet on floor and feel your feet when you feel scared.
  • You will not be good at your new behavior.  You will fail, and you will feel foolish.  However, you will not die so keep trying and you will get better.  I promise.
  • Stick to one thing. Try on new things one at a time.  You can make a lot of changes, just not all at once.  Give yourself a chance to master one thing first, then you can move on to the next thing.


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