In work and at home, we can plan well, we can try our best, and still the unforeseen may arise.  This blog isn’t about that.

No, instead, I’d like you to get honest, and examine any recurring negative circumstances you’ve been experiencing lately.  Perhaps some of these fit your bill:

  • Not prepared for a meeting you KNEW about?
  • Didn’t allocate enough time to arrive at a venue?
  • Didn’t exercise, even though you said you would?
  • Run out of ink, then paper, for your home printer?
  • Not enough gas in your car?
  • No milk, AGAIN?

I consider these “whack-a-mole” troubles.  You whack one trouble and another one pops up.  And then another!  Troubles become your focus, not your real plan.  Whack-a-mole is a fun game at an arcade, or on your tablet, but living it day in and day out is exhausting!  It keeps you from addressing what really matters and distracts you with urgent annoyance.

As a carpenter would say, “measure twice, cut once.”  Follow the sage advice!  Dedicating time to review your calendar, assess your resources, and honestly measure your hours in the day will prevent whack-a-mole troubles from popping up.

Save whack-a-mole for entertainment, not stress!

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