You have all the answers

The reality about coaching is that the client does the work.   A great coach creates an environment that illuminates truth for the person being coached, and a really great coach “stays out of the way” by caring enough to state what is observed and by avoiding judgment.   The coach doesn’t create the solution.  The answer emerges from the client because it was there all along!

Have you ever yearned to find a blog that answers and affirms the quest you are on?  Let’s treat this blog post as just such.

Sincerely ask yourself the following questions, and give yourself the time to allow the answers to emerge:

  • What is the resolution you seek?
  • What change is required on your part?
  • What do you have to stop doing?
  • What must you begin doing, or do differently?
  • Who is involved?
  • Who can support you in this?
  • How will you know you’ve completely addressed this?
  • How will you honor the fact that you’ve completely handled this?

Congratulations on creating your own caring environment to get to the heart of what matters.


3 thoughts on “You have all the answers

  1. Mary, great insight about coaching, ” A great coach creates an environment that illuminates truth for the person being coached…”
    Sometimes I like to inject conflict or manufacture conflict into the teams I lead to see how the members will respond or to grow the team in a particular area. Sometimes I don’t even need to “create” conflict – it’s already there. But, what I need to do is leverage that conflict to bring out a teaching point or a character development trait in an individual or the team.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on leadership and coaching!

    Terry Porter

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